MVES Farmington Academy


The Farmington Academy  has been created with our students and families in mind.  We recognize the decision to remain in a distance learning model is very personal to families and we commit to provide a rich learning experience for our students whether they attend ISD 192 in person or from a distance.

There is tremendous flexibility with this model and we know that families' personal schedules may have various needs that dictate times a learner may be available.  We will work to design learning that students can access independently or with their teachers at other times as well.  

Relationships are critical to the social and emotional well-being of all students.  Our academy will rely heavily on deep, personal relationships between our Farmington Academy students/families and our ISD 192 staff.  

Our mission, "to ensure each student continuously achieves one's highest aspirations" does not change if a student is choosing to learn in person or at a distance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we develop the Farmington Academy!


All students in ISD 192, regardless if they choose an in person learning experience or they choose the Farmington Academy, we will use the following guiding principles:

  • Connections over Content
  • Less is more with depth, richness, and high cognitive demand
  • Designed flexibility
  • Monitor, evaluate, and respond

Design of Learning 

Learners enrolled in the Farmington Academy will still stay with other children within the school that they are enrolled.  We know it is important for learners to stay connected with their home school community.  As we develop class lists, learners may be placed in multi-age groupings.  At all levels, learners will have similar educational opportunities that will be rooted in our State Standards and District Competencies, similar to those who will be a part of the hybrid or in person learning model.  The Farmington Academy may have a different approach, but will still cover the same essential skills and learnings as every student in that grade.  Learners will also have access to specialist activities, reading interventions, English Language support, and all other supports that are provided in school as needed. 

One of our guiding principles is making connections, and our teachers will be working hard to build relationships with these children and find ways for them to connect with other learners within their age range.  If you have specific questions regarding the programming at your child’s school, please contact your child’s principal. 

Additional Resources

For further information about the Farmington Academy at Meadowview Elementary, please contact:

Rebecca Bican, Principal

Phone: (651)460-3100